Trump’s Absurd “Muslim Ban” Has Almost Nothing To Do With Security and Everything To Do With Politics

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As much as I disagree with what President Trump has done, and we’ll definitely get on to that, I also feel it is necessary to start with a certain factual statement. This is not a Muslim ban. This is a ban on anyone who is a national, or a dual-national, of seven Muslim-majority countries. Far from all Muslims are therefore included in the ban, and, out of those that are, not everyone happens to be a Muslim. The reason I feel it necessary to point this out is because it is currently very difficult to realise that that is indeed the case if you haven’t been following the situation all too closely.

The majority of news outlets are simply calling it “Trump’s Muslim ban” without actually going on to explain exactly what it does. As a result, many people are currently very misinformed, thinking that the President has just banned all of the world’s Muslims from the United States. That is not what happened, and I am rather concerned that the media has done such a poor job handling what is without a doubt a very emotional situation. I know that many of them have an axe to grind with Trump, but misinforming the American people, and many other people, is certainly the wrong response. Now, with that out of the way…

Since 2000, how many American civilians were killed by Iraqi nationals? Zero.

How many American civilians were killed by Irani nationals? Zero

And how many were killed by Lybians? Zero

What about Somalians? Zero

And Syrians? Zero

Sudanese? Zero

Ok… what about Yemenis then? Also Zero.

– Those are the seven countries included in Trump’s ban.

Now, since 2000, how many American civilians were killed by terrorists from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Lebanon? 2,977. Yet not a single one of those countries is included in the ban. Saudi princes will still be able to come over and sniff cocaine off the asses of Miami prostitutes before signing multi-billion dollar deals with American defence contractors. That’s because Trump’s ban has got very little to do with keeping American’s safe, and everything to do with appeasing his voters.

I feel it rather necessary to emphasise the point one more time – Not a single American has been killed by immigrants from the seven countries on Trump’s ban list. Overall, less than 100 have been killed by Islamic extremists after 9/11 – and just about all of them, with the exception of the Boston bombers, were born in America. Now, obviously one life lost to terrorism is too many, and, obviously, reasonable measures need to be taken to prevent this from happening. That being said, I also think it would help to view this relatively.

Since 9/11, 2016 was by far the worst year for Islamic terrorism in the US. In 2016:

49 Americans were killed by Islamic terrorism (all in one attack).

Over 30,000 were killed in motor accidents

Over 500,000 were killed by cancer

Over 11,000 were shot and killed by other Americans (this excludes suicides)


Based on these statistics, if ISIS wants to inflict the highest possible number of casualties upon the United States, it should simply open a few gun stores across the Midwest. Americans are shooting and killing other Americans in numbers which would make any Jihadist blush with envy, and if the highest priority for President Trump is saving American lives, then perhaps he should do something to make sure that mentally unstable and violent people can’t buy rifles and shotguns at their local Wallmart. But this was never about saving American lives, was it? Trying to control gun sales is rather unpopular with Trump’s voter demographic while banning immigrants from certain middle-eastern countries isn’t (although it should be pointed out that the vast majority of Americans support reasonable gun control). On average, more Americans are killed by armed toddlers, or lawnmowers, than Islamic terrorists. Try to keep that in mind.

Trump’s immigration ban from the seven aforementioned countries is unlikely to prevent a single terrorist attack. Are you seriously suggesting that a terrorist organisation such as ISIS or Al-Shabaab doesn’t have the resources to get their Jihadists a Saudi or Egyptian passport? Furthermore, one would be delusional to assume that antagonising hundreds of millions of people in this way will not do wonders for ISIS’s recruitment numbers. This ban will not stop terrorists, it will only help create more of them.

Who will it stop then? How about Conservative members of the British Parliament who committed the great crime of being born in Iraq? How about refugees fleeing the exact same terrorism that Trump is supposedly trying to prevent? How about Iraqi translators who risked their lives to save those of American soldiers? How about Green Card holders who’ve lived in the United States for years, and are now barred from returning back home? How about British Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah, who was born in Somalia? What has Theresa May got to say about that while she’s desperately trying to negotiate a US-UK trade deal that will almost certainly end up screwing us? But don’t worry everyone, I’m sure this is exactly what Jesus would have done.








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