Boris Johnson, “Stop The War” and a Mountain of Hypocrisy

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The debate over what should, or perhaps should not be done about the conflict in Syria has once again found its way into the media spotlight. Properly conducted, such discussions may even prove to be productive, so what a great shame it is that this debate is currently being fought between a bunch of shamefully hypocritical government ministers and Britain’s pathetic disgrace of an “anti-war” movement.

Let’s start with Boris Johnson, Britain’s foreign secretary, or in the words of Labour’s Kevin Brennan, “the most remarkable appointment since Caligula made his horse a senator”. In yesterday’s House of Commons debate on the Syrian crisis, Johnson said that he would “like to see demonstrations outside the Russian embassy” over its bombing of Aleppo, further adding that Russia’s actions should see her being investigated for war crimes. Who is this new Boris Johnson? I found myself wondering. So immediately concerned about international law and civilian casualties. So keen to see the perpetrators of these atrocities brought to justice and so eager in his desire to lead a humanitarian foreign policy…

Surely this couldn’t be the very same Boris Johnson who blocked an inquiry into Saudi war crimes in Yemen, where thousands of civilians have been killed indiscriminately with the help of British bombs. Surely this couldn’t be the same Boris Johnson who is only too ready to turn a blind eye to hospitals being blown to pieces by our allies, and then oversee the whitewashing of a report which would have helped scrutinize our government’s arms sales. The ugly truth, of course, is that this is indeed the very same Boris Johnson. A man who spent half the Brexit referendum scaremongering about the prospect of Turkey joining the EU… Before personally travelling to the country to inform its President that he will support it’s bid to join the EU.

Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, both sides in this debate happen to be terrifically rotten. On the one hand, you have Johnson and the UK Government who are falling over themselves to condemn Russia while actively turning a blind eye to those so-called allies of ours that are doing the exact same stuff. And on the other, you have Jeremy Corbyn and his buddies in the Stop The War Coalition, perhaps the most misleading name for any organisation since George Orwell’s “Ministry of Love”.

Having spent the past fifteen years providing cover and apologetics for some of the worst tyrants on the planet, “Stop The War” epitomizes everything that is so putrid about the British far-left. Despite what their name might suggest, these people don’t really want to stop war, only the Western ones, and the proud “coalition” they muster is one mostly comprised of Stalinists, Islamists, and anyone else on the far-left with an incredible capacity for double standards. No wonder then that their deputy chair decided to go on Radio 4 to openly decline Johnson’s request for protests at the Russian embassy. His main excuse seemed to be that, as a British organisation, “Stop The War” is only effective in protesting the actions of its own government, an excuse which might have worked had “Stop The War” not spent so much time protesting against the Americans. To pick just one example out of many, in February 2015, the group held a protest outside the US Embassy in London in order to “STOP NATO’s WAR IN UKRAINE”… No seriously.


Congratulations to him for at least being honest that “Stop The War’s”true goal is simply to “oppose the West”, once again confirming Orwell’s assertion that there is indeed a part of the left that is “sometimes squashily pacifist, sometimes violently pro-Russian, but always anti-British”. The problem with “Stop The War”, however, unfortunately, is often not what they happen to be against, but rather what they’re for.

Rather surprisingly for an organisation daring to call itself “anti-war”, “Stop The War’s” website happens to feature articles that openly call for war against Isreal. Despite being so furiously opposed to Nato’s alleged “war in Ukraine”, they happen to be very much for Russia’s all too real war in the very same country. Despite being an organisation that claims to oppose bigotry and racism, “Stop The War” saw nothing wrong with joining the Muslim Brotherhood in its fight “against the Zionist project”, not to mention making excuses for the 1972 massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. These happen to be only a few out of a plethora of examples of why anyone on the left with any degree of credibility has long chosen to disown this pathetic disgrace of an “anti-war” movement. Unless of course, you happen to be Jeremy Corbyn.

More information about “Stop The War” can be found here –




2 thoughts on “Boris Johnson, “Stop The War” and a Mountain of Hypocrisy

  1. I’m a bit confused as to why you’re so angry at Stop The War for being “anti-western.” The west has undoubtedly contributed hugely to arms sales around the world, a fact you pointed out yourself. It is not “anti-western” to believe that the west should stop doing that. Islamic state would not be considered an anti-western terrorist organisation if all they did was print off placards and stand outside of US embassies.

    Stop The War deserve criticism for some of the double standards and contradictions you point out, but most large bodies of people with lots of voices inevitably have, and I think you’re going a bit far in calling them “everything putrid about the far-left.”

    To quote Orwell calling the left anti-British is a bit rich; if the British started to vote for more left-wing governments that would be where the Overton Window would shift to and we would then be more leftwing. That’s not anti-British: democracy is intrinsic to British values, and if people want to vote Conservative- as a lefty I wouldn’t call them “anti-British” just because they do not conform to my political beliefs.

    Overall I really enjoyed your post and I liked some of the points you made. I’m looking forward to the next one, cheers.


    1. To address some of your points:

      My problem with Stop The War is not the fact that they oppose Western policies (I often do as well), but the fact that they do it on a basis of principle, hence the obvious double standards of opposing any UK action in Syria and then refusing to hold anywhere near the same level of scrutiny for Russia/Assad. While I do understand that some of my criticism may appear a little hyperbolic, I also really do believe that so many of the things most people despise about far-left politics reflect clearly in Stop The War (incredible hypocrisy, links to anti-Semitism, tendency to create an eco-chamber mentality etc).

      On the Orwell quote, the assertion is that there is a part of the left that has always opposed British/Western policy as a matter of principle, even if that means directly opposing left wing/liberal ideas. Just as an example, there was no shortage of those who (rightly) defended the right of British colonies to self-determination, yet many of those very same people would also demand we go against the democratic will of the Falkland Islanders and hand their land to Argentina. The reason such arguments are made is precisely because, for a certain part of the left, Britain/The West is always wrong, as a matter of principle. Obviously, I’m not suggesting that being left wing somehow equates to being anti-British, that would be absurd. Instead, as a leftist/liberal, I’m severely disappointed that many who wear those labels cannot apply their principles consistently.


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