A Trump Poem

News and Politics

A rotten sense of brazen craze

Shoots through his fear-inducing gaze

His deeds will now go down in history

His hair a source of utmost mystery

His rivals nowhere to be seen

Shot down, humiliated, wiped out clean

From Kasich and Bush to Lyin Ted

They’ve all been crushed and have now fled

To some place where the sun don’t shine

America, he says, shall soon be mine

New York today, the world tomorrow!

Bow down and revel in your sorrow

Chinese and Mexicans alike will scream

Should he fulfill his lifelong dream

When comes November of this year

When his campaign kicks into gear

And citizens all round the world

In Juarez, Moscow and Nanking

Look anxiously at their TV screen

And wish America still had a Queen

Because the man who conquered every poll

Will stand and build the biggest wall

He’ll make his country great again

As anyone with half a brain

Runs off to Canada or to Berlin

As fear crawls deep into their skin

Humanity they say has hit a bump

God bless America and President Trump


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