Ruining The Christmas Spirit


Here is an interesting question for you to ponder over. How does one celebrate the birth of a mythical Middle Eastern communist bent on liberating the oppressed working classes of Iron Age Nazareth? Well apparently these days the answer is to enrich a multitude of wealthy corporate entities by spending billions of dollars on utterly pointless crap.

In all seriousness though, Christmas has been in the middle of what we would call an identity crisis. Pagan holiday turned Christian holiday turned shopping holiday, this is no longer about Jesus, or the angel or the Virgin Mary. David Cameron used his Christmas address to emphasise Britain’s “Christian values” and only succeeded in coming across as creepy and weird. To be fair to him though, it must have been hard not to feel at least a little biblical considering around half the North was practically underwater.

Look across the pond however and it’s a completely different matter entirely. Over there in the US of A half the population is still utterly convinced that “a war on Christmas” is being waged by Barack Hussein Obama and his atheist lizard friends in the Illuminati. I always find that particular theory a little hard to believe, especially considering churches are the only form of buildings over there that manage to outnumber Subway, Burger King and McDonalds.

And then there’s Santa Claus… or Saint Nicholas or Father Christmas or Grandfather Frost if you happen to be Russian. Santa has basically become one giant metaphor for what Christmas has become. A religious icon that has been completely hijacked by the Coca Cola Company and turned into a giant marketing ploy to sell children type 2 diabetes. That is of course without even mentioning the absurd and frankly creepy concept of an elderly man with a giant sack who spies on your kids so that once a year he can break into their house in the middle of night.


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